Gifts Hamper/Basket With Cookies For Diwali/Rakhi/Birthday.


  •  Fruit & Nut trail Mix – Almond, Sugar, Honey and Edible Rose Petal, Added Flavours- Natural, Natural Identical & Artificial flavouring Substances
  • Pink Salt & Pepper Cashew- Cashew, Salt, Black Pepper Powder, Natural Gum
  • Cacao Nibs Trail Mix – Almonds 24%, Walnut 24%, Cashew 24%, Cacao nibs 7%, Kosher Salt 0.01%, Ginger Candy 5%, Cinnamon, Vanilla & Coconut Sugar 14%, Vanilla extract 0.01%, Citrus
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The Indian Heritage Foods are some of the forgotten secrets which are nutritious and delicious along the way. All boxes are customizable. We can make as assortment as per your selection. Box Contains – Fruit & Nut trail Mix Sriracha Nut Mix Hawaiian Trail Mix Pink Salt & Pepper Cashew Cacao Nibs Trail Mix Hot Peri Peri Almonds “


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