92.5 Sterling Silver Toe Rings for Women


  • Line a glass container with tin foil; pour some hot water and add one or two tablespoons of salt and baking soda.
  • Put your silver pieces in the dip and leave them there for about five minutes.
  • After the tarnish disappears, rinse your jewellery with water and dry it using a soft cloth


Fine Silver is 99.9% Silver (999) used in silver bullion bars. Pure Silver, also known as fine silver is considered to be relatively soft, malleable and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals which in turn helps to produce a more durable and long-lasting product. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver (925). On silver pieces, this is marked as 925. In sterling silver, 92.5% of the object by weight is silver and 7.5% will be another alloy, usually copper.


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